Baby Uzcategui

Jorge and Brenna decided it was time to venture into parenthood. Once the decision was made and Brenna's timeline for school was calculated they found out Baby U would be here in January.

Following an all natural birth plan, and traditional medical route, the Midwives at the Birth Center in Bellingham are guiding the way to a successful birth.

Please enjoy the pictures, and if your an expert at gender guessing...the Uzcategui's want it to be a surprise at the time of start your baby pools but keep them in the dark.

What a month of firsts it has been! 

First visit to Oahu & Molokai Hawaii

First swim in pool, ocean and lake

First long time sitting by self

First food tasting

First swing 

First hike

The results are..Abigail loves the pool, not the ocean or lake. She isn’t ready for food…as she fake chokes when the spoon is in front of her. She enjoys the swing. Hiking piece of cake…she’ll enjoy the sights and then take a nap.

7 months of nothing but milk…This lil munchkin is starting to pack on the meat and oh so cute she is!