Baby Uzcategui

Jorge and Brenna decided it was time to venture into parenthood. Once the decision was made and Brenna's timeline for school was calculated they found out Baby U would be here in January.

Following an all natural birth plan, and traditional medical route, the Midwives at the Birth Center in Bellingham are guiding the way to a successful birth.

Please enjoy the pictures, and if your an expert at gender guessing...the Uzcategui's want it to be a surprise at the time of start your baby pools but keep them in the dark.

Month five has successfully arrived. No cuts, scraps, bruises or accidents to note. Phew, parenting is hard work! 

There is much to state as accomplishments for this month. Abigail can now roll over from back to belly and is trying to go back again. She can scoot around the house on her back, play alone for long stretches, loves to stand and sit up, and the off limits TV is still her favorite attraction apart from the art work in the house. She’ll do anything to see the screen even when nothing is on.

The ear piercing was not as traumatic for her as for mom, but overall it could be compared to getting regular shots. The gold balls are adorable! Next step a tattoo. :) 

Abigail has also brilliantly forbid any bottle or plastic for that matter from entering her mouth. She is now either fed by mom or not at all. Where she gets the fight in her, only the grandparents can know. After starving herself for hours we decided to give that one a break for a while. Obviously, mommy isn’t going to be doing much work away from baby for the summer. 

Last important accomplishment to mention is the fact that this lil one, is rather huge! Now using 6-9 months clothes, size 3 shoes and weighing a back breaking 16.5 lbs or so, we are sure to be into 12 mo just before fall. Again thats 100% pura leche! (All milk)

Hawaii is booked and we will celebrate Abigail’s 1/2 birthday in Hawaii with Aba in July.  Can’t wait to expose the pool, ocean, sand and more to this lil one. 

XOXOXO baby drool and more!