Baby Uzcategui

Jorge and Brenna decided it was time to venture into parenthood. Once the decision was made and Brenna's timeline for school was calculated they found out Baby U would be here in January.

Following an all natural birth plan, and traditional medical route, the Midwives at the Birth Center in Bellingham are guiding the way to a successful birth.

Please enjoy the pictures, and if your an expert at gender guessing...the Uzcategui's want it to be a surprise at the time of start your baby pools but keep them in the dark.

My passport has stamps..It’s official I’m just like my mom and dad, A world traveler! My first voyage out of the country all the way to the UK was successful. I flew on 4 big airplanes and slept throughout the majority of the trip. It was quite surprising everytime the wheels touched down, if it wasn’t for my baby seat belt, I’d have jumped out of my mommies lap. 

They drove me all over the countryside in hunt for castles but I could barely keep my eyes open all week. Who would have thought I’d begin to like my carseat! Aba was so great to play with me and carry me all around when we were out of the car. My mom really missed me. 

I meet some really great people who all told me how cute I am. I don’t think I’ll grow up with a complex, but even complete strangers tell me all the time! There was even a present for me in Glasgow. I was given my very first Scottish kilt and friendship cup. But I can’t drink whiskey out of it til I’m older, and I can’t date a bagpiper either! Parental rules already :) HAHA

Overall it was a great hopefully my clothes and my car seat will arrive so I can continue my adventures meeting and visiting my friends (silly airline left them in London). Less than a month til my Abuelita comes to stay. Lots of time with 2 grandmas in one month…Hope I can handle all this love!