Baby Uzcategui

Jorge and Brenna decided it was time to venture into parenthood. Once the decision was made and Brenna's timeline for school was calculated they found out Baby U would be here in January.

Following an all natural birth plan, and traditional medical route, the Midwives at the Birth Center in Bellingham are guiding the way to a successful birth.

Please enjoy the pictures, and if your an expert at gender guessing...the Uzcategui's want it to be a surprise at the time of start your baby pools but keep them in the dark.

Smiles and giggles and chatting away! 

Abigail has learned to talk! Baby talk that is. She just chats up a storm and just giggles and smiles about it! She is moving her body like crazy holding her head up and looking around. She just can’t get enough! It’s just so great! 

She has found that sleeping all night is great! Which makes mommy and daddy so happy. Except that means she is growing so big so fast. Now wearing size 3-6 month clothes. Mostly 6 :) Our next check up is coming this month height & weight TBA.  

Lots of family time these days. A party and Easter with the Worlund, Reed & Morris Family. A visit to the beach to see the Lopez Hunt clan and now 3 weeks with Abuela Uzcategui. Abigail is learning to share her time with others besides mommy and daddy.  

Pictures of the tulip festival are coming soon. Cousin Sam our family photographer always does such a great job.  

My passport has stamps..It’s official I’m just like my mom and dad, A world traveler! My first voyage out of the country all the way to the UK was successful. I flew on 4 big airplanes and slept throughout the majority of the trip. It was quite surprising everytime the wheels touched down, if it wasn’t for my baby seat belt, I’d have jumped out of my mommies lap. 

They drove me all over the countryside in hunt for castles but I could barely keep my eyes open all week. Who would have thought I’d begin to like my carseat! Aba was so great to play with me and carry me all around when we were out of the car. My mom really missed me. 

I meet some really great people who all told me how cute I am. I don’t think I’ll grow up with a complex, but even complete strangers tell me all the time! There was even a present for me in Glasgow. I was given my very first Scottish kilt and friendship cup. But I can’t drink whiskey out of it til I’m older, and I can’t date a bagpiper either! Parental rules already :) HAHA

Overall it was a great hopefully my clothes and my car seat will arrive so I can continue my adventures meeting and visiting my friends (silly airline left them in London). Less than a month til my Abuelita comes to stay. Lots of time with 2 grandmas in one month…Hope I can handle all this love!

7 weeks and growing so fast! Abigail is 11lbs 11oz. She has had lots of wonderful visitors and been all over town now! She has been graced with tons of wonderful gifts and looks so cute in all of her clothes!

She has begun to enjoy play time more, and smiles sooo much. Daddy and Abigail enjoy their evenings cuddling and bouncing and her days and nights napping and playing with mommy. 

Enjoy the photos!

One month and counting! Abigail is getting so big. Almost 10lbs, and at least 24inch. Hard to measure :) She is doing great! The Doctor and Midwives have both confirmed! 

She loves to be held and refuses to sleep alone… Oh well just means we get to cuddle that much more :) 
She is smiling more often, and has a few hours of real awake time everyday. We have ventured out for a few walks in the sunshine. She loves to be in the front carrier (even in the house)!

I’ve arrived! 

Little girl Abigail Eve arrived 1-11-12 at 8:14pm. 

Abigail started making headway to exiting the womb on Sunday evening with some minor contractions. By Wednesday morning the strength and frequency still wasn’t enough to check in to the Birth Center. Mommy ventured out to run some errands around town about 1pm and breathed through the contractions in multiple public places. A great friend invited her to go for a walk, and by 3:30pm mom was in pain and having a 45 second contraction every 3 minutes. Ouch… that was an interesting walk through campus! Upon arriving home, mom called both the midwife and dad. 

Dad rushed home and helped mom to the tub to soak, and shortly after the Midwife arrived. She checked the dilation process and found mom was at 8.5 centimeters. She urged the expecting parents to quickly get into the car as it was time to head to the Birth Center. 

By 5pm mom was nicely soaking in a warm tub full of water, but soon needed to change positions. The couple and the midwife’s intern tried several positions to help mom through the contractions. They included, laying in bed, squatting, standing while holding Dad, kneeling, and the all time favorite the birth stool. 

Shortly after sitting on the birth stool, the water broke and Mom got back into the tub. Breathing through several contractions, Abigail Eve arrived at 8:14pm. Together Mom and Baby laid in the tub with the comfort of Dad just beside. 

The Midwifes finished their work with Mom and Baby and sent the family home at 11:30pm. An interesting night to say the least, but a journey well worth it. 

Now the three reside at home, growing, sleeping, eating, learning and loving their lives as a happy family once made of 2 and now blessed as 3. 

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……………Bebe 

Today completes 39 weeks in uterus and Baby is quite content inside of mom. Baby continues to have good check ups and is growing according to schedule. As long as there are no complications everyone is ready for baby to be born in the birth center. No medicines, no hospital equipment, just a bath tub, a double size bed and a private room for the couple to relax until baby arrives. 

The holidays were spent with a lot of family. Everyone so excited for the arrival of a new baby. Babys’ parents are so thankful for all the love and support. 

Baby received a special gift from Grandpa, a bassinet built just for Baby. It’s in place full of gifts from others, and a special blanket made with love by Grandma U. Baby U is going to have these for things for life, thanks to grandparents!

So many are wondering about the celebration of Baby U. Brenna’s sister is planning a party for a month after Baby arrives. Thanks to cousins Baby has enough clothes and things to last for quite sometime. 

The couple is calm and ready for Baby to arrive the moment that Baby decides. The midwife is sure that Baby can wait until the 29th of the month without any problems. They will continue to monitor every week to ensure that Baby is just fine. 

Come when you want to come Baby… The world awaits you with all its love! 


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……………Bebe 

Hoy cumple 39 semanas en el útero y bebe esta muy contento dentro de la pancita de su mama. Cada chequeo ha tenido buenos resultados y el bebe sigue creciendo normalmente y a tiempo. Mientras que no haya problemas bebe nacera en la clínica de parto y no en el hospital, así como quiere la mama y papa. No habrá medicinas ni equipos médicos grandes, solo una tina de agua, una cama grande en un cuarto privado para que la pareja pase el tiempo relajada esperando al bebe.

Los días festivos de Navidad y el año nuevo lo pasaron con mucha familia. Todos contentos de ser parte de la vida del bebe. Los padres agradecen el apoyo y el amor de todos!

El bebe recibió un regalo impresionante de su abuelito…la cunita construida especialmente para bebe. Ya esta en su lugar en el cuarto lleno de regalo  y la cobija hecha con mucho amor por su abuelita. Este bebe va a tener cosas especiales para toda su vida gracias a los abuelitos!

Muchos van a estar pensando en cuando vamos a celebrar este bebe. La hermana de Brenna esta planificando una fiesta. Será un mes después de que nazca el bebe. Gracias a los primos no hay necesidades de ropa ni nada, hasta que bebe este un poco mas grande.

Los padres están tranquilos y están listos para el momento en que bebe decide venir. La partera dice que bebe puede quedarse hasta el 29 de enero sin problemas. Lo siguen monitoreando cada semana para verificar que todo este bien.

Llegue cuando llegue bebe, aquí el mundo le espera con todo el amor!


Its almost time to meet the little miracle growing inside of Mama. Thinking back, the last 32 weeks have past by so quickly, it’s incredible! Jorge and Brenna have began to think about their futures as parents and making decisions to be prepared for what is ahead. 

All of moms blood work exams came back with good results, that is to say in normal limits, and the womb measured at the perfect size for this stage of the pregnancy. Baby has also began to get comfortable in the head down position but keeps moving day and night. Every time, baby hears Bachata music, baby starts dancing. Sure enough this is a latin baby. 

Mom and Baby had two great celebrations this month. The first a nice relaxing day with girl friends and the second a surprise by Brenna’s clients. Thank you so much to all for the great surprises.

To conclude, you need to know that baby has received so many gifts and clothes from cousins that this baby will have more than necessary. Thank you to those who have contributed to this collection. If you would like to help baby with more clothes or other presents please think of things that are for 6 months and up in clothes and items baby will need as he/she learns to eat and be more independent. 

The meet the baby party will be after baby arrives, during the first weeks of February. More information to come, Promise!  

There are now less than 8 weeks left, but first its time to celebrate the wonderful holidays with family and friends around the state of Washington. 


Casi, casi hemos llegado al momento en que podemos conocer este milagro de Dios que está creciendo dentro de mama. Pensando en el pasado, estas ultimas 32 semanas han pasado tan rapido, que es increible! Jorge y Brenna ya están pensando en el futuro como padres y tomando las decisiones importantes para estar preparados para lo que viene.

Todos los estudios de sangre de la mama resultaron ser satisfactorios, o sea entre los niveles normales y el tamaño de la matriz es exactamente el corecto para la etapa del embarazo.  Bebe ya se esta acomodando boca hacia abajo y sigue moviendose durante el dia y noche. Es muy divertido mirarle y tocarle mientras se mueve. Cada vez que oye la musica Bachata empieza a bailar tambien! Seguramente es un bebe latino! 

Mama y Bebe festejaron dos veces para relajarse y divertirse en este mes. Primero con las amigas y segundo con los clientes de Brenna. Dos sorpresas muy lindas Gracias!!! 

Por fin hay que informarles que ya hemos recibidos muchos regalos y ropa de los primos. Este bebe va a tener todo lo que necesita y mas! Gracias a los que han contribuido a esta coleccion de cosas. Si desea ayudarle con mas ropa u otros regalos planifique comprarle ropa de talla 6 meses en adelante y las cosas que vaya a usar cuando empiece a comer y a ser mas independiente.  

La fiesta para el bebe sera despues de que nazca, durante las primeras semanas de febrero. Más informacion luego, se les promete!

Falta menos de 8 semanas ya… pero primero hay que disfrutar los lindos dias festivos con la familia y amigos alrededor de Washington. 

28 Weeks and counting. Baby U and mama had a great trip to the UK. Starting off with a great weekend of study and then a trip to London to explore the city. Amazing sites to see and delicious food to taste. The flight home was a bit rough but we survived, and made it home safely to Daddy. 

Our monthly check-up was another success! Mom gained 5 pounds and the uterus grew to 28 centimeters. All just as scheduled. Braxton Hicks contractions are taking place frequently, and baby has a movement routine that is fun to feel. 

Somehow, somewhere one of moms ribs got pushed out of places. Opps.. that hurts. Hopefully, it will heal back up soon!! The Chiropractor has been working her magic to keep the body in line as the changes continue. Since the natural birth process is the plan, it is necessary to ensure that baby is positioned head down before 36 weeks. 

Mommy and daddy learned two very important facts at birth class this week. One, it is the mothers’ right to punch the father during the labor process. The second, 24 hours of labor is the natural normal amount of time to move through each stage of the labor. Phew… thats a big number to swallow! 1, 2, 3 here we go!!!  


Bebe U ha ido creciendo en estas ultimas 28 semanas y sigue haciendolo. Mama y Bebe tuvieron un buen viaje al Reino Unido. Empezaron con un fin de semana estudiando en Scocia, después una semana visitando muchos lugares en Londres. Muchas cosas y lugares que ver, y mucha comida muy rica! El viaje de regreso por avión no fue tan bueno, pero sobrevivieron, y llegaron con papa sanos y contentos.

Tuvieron éxito en el ultimo chequeo del bebe. Mama subio 5 libras de peso, y la matriz crecío a 28 centímetros. Todo como esta planificado! Las contracciones que se llaman Braxton Hicks están pasando mucho, y el bebe tiene una rutina de moverse que es muy divertido sentir.

No sabemos como ni cuando, pero una costilla de mama se movió de lugar… Oohh que doloroso. Ojala que esté mejor lo mas pronto posible. Como los padres quieren tener un parto natural, el quiropráctico está trabajando con mama para estar seguro que el cuerpo este en buena posición para que el bebe tome su posición con su cabeza hacia abajo antes de las 36 semanas.

Durante la primera clase de  pre parto, mama y papa aprendieron 2 cosas importantes. Uno es que mama tiene todo el derecho de golpear a papa durante el parto. El segundo es para pasar cada etapa del parto, es normal durar al menos 24 horas esperando al bebe. Wow, ese numero parece tan grande pero así será! 1, 2, 3 lo vamos a hacer! 

Still growing….

Taking Baby Dancing! -24weeks- **Bailando con el bebe! -24 semanas-

Week 24 is upon us! Mommy and baby just had their check up and everything is just perfect! The uterus has stretch to 23” in diameter, which is just where it should be for this stage. Baby should be just under 1 foot long and 1lbs 15oz according to the chart. Baby’s heartbeat was heard strong and healthy. Mom is on schedule with her weight gain too, feeling healthy as can be. 

Along with long walks, prenatal Yoga classes have been started to prepare Moms body for the changes to come, and to strengthen the areas that will soon face the indescribable birthing process. Daddy U too has been learning a lot about the natural birth process. Parental birthing classes start next month to further enhance the studies. 

Just as suspected lots of little hands have been caressing the baby bump and deciding names for the secret inside! The best so far Flower! One boy was so excited to know that Abigail is the choice for Baby girl U because that was going to be his name had he been a girl! The joys of teaching continue as more kids realize what is happening to their Señora! 

Tickets are purchased for the fall trip to Glasgow and London, departing Oct 6th. Exciting pictures to follow as the baby bump ventures around the UK. Hopefully, Uncle Jimmy will be there to see us!

Many are anxious as to how to celebrate the arrival of baby… Mom is still in the process of deciding pre or post baby, or even a little of both. Promise, soon you will know. In the meantime, there is an online registry started so if your interested just call or e-mail to find out more details. 

Lots of love from the growing Duo and Daddy!  


Estamos en la #24 semana. Mama y bebe apenas acaban de tener  su chequeo medico y todo está perfecto. El útero ha crecido a 23” en diámetro, lo cual es el tamaño perfecto para esta etapa de gestación. El bebe mide cerca de un pie del largo y pesa una libra y 15 oz en concordancia con la guía que aparece en el centro de nacimientos. Escucharon al corazón del bebe, y sonó fuerte y saludable. También, la mama está subiendo de peso a un ritmo normal, y se siente de lo más saludable posible.

Ademas de ir a caminar, las clases de Yoga prenatal han empezado a preparar al cuerpo de madre para los cambios que vienen, y para fortalecer las áreas que pronto van a experimentar el proceso indescriptible de dar luz. Papa U también ha estado aprendiendo mucho del proceso de un parto natural. Las clases del parto empiezan el mes que entra lo cual incrementar más los estudios sobre este tema.

Como ellos pensaron muchas manitos han estado tocando la barriga y decidiendo los nombres que llevara el secreto que se encuentra al dentro! El mejor nombre hasta este momento fue, Flower, (flor en español). Un niño estaba tan emocionado a saber que Abigail es el nombre decidido si es una niña, por que ese iba a ser su nombre si el hubiese sido niña. La felicidad de ser maestra es cada vez mas grande a ver que los niños comienzan a entender lo que esta pasando a su señora!

Los boletos del avión están comprados para el viaje a Glasgow y Londres, saliendo el 6 de octubre. Las fotos divertidas de la barriga vendrán después de las aventuras alrededor del UK. Ojala que podamos compartir con el Tío Jimmy allí!

Muchos están ansiosos por saber como vamos a celebrar la llegada del bebe…pero la madre todavía está en el proceso de decidir si lo hacen antes, después o un poco de los dos. Les promete que van a saber pronto. Mientras tanto, hay un registro por internet, entonces si estás interesado llame o mande un e-mail para los detalles. 

Mucho amor del parte de la pareja en crecimiento y del papa!