Baby Uzcategui

Jorge and Brenna decided it was time to venture into parenthood. Once the decision was made and Brenna's timeline for school was calculated they found out Baby U would be here in January.

Following an all natural birth plan, and traditional medical route, the Midwives at the Birth Center in Bellingham are guiding the way to a successful birth.

Please enjoy the pictures, and if your an expert at gender guessing...the Uzcategui's want it to be a surprise at the time of start your baby pools but keep them in the dark.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree….

Well the Uzcategui family has settled their little Abigail into their new home on Valhalla st. 1500 sq feet feels like a mansion to them and Abigail is crawling all over the entire thing. Yes, crawling, as fast as her 4 limbs will take her. She is also standing, walking against objects, getting into everything and even digging in the plants. The sweet little angel throws temper tantrums, yells at the top of her lungs, and gives the sweetest hugs and kisses. 

Her big new room is cozy and warm perfect to play and nap in. The cutest thing to watch her play. Tell her No, no, no and she’ll shake her head at you. Laugh and she’ll copy you. 

Oh dear sweet Abigail is 11 months old. That’s just one month away from being 1 year old. Mommy is very emotional and reminiscing on the few short months ago that it seemed Abigail was an unknown baby in the womb. Time is flying by and Abigail is developing so quickly. Precious in every lil monstrous way. 

Oh Abigail has a new best friend…Lady Gabriella III. We adopted the sweetest dog to share our home. 

Month number 10 was a month of Milestones! The things that she can do now..WOW.. best said the things that she can’t do. She just needs to learn to stand up alone and walk. Our lil baby is growing up so quick. We love to hear her talk and laugh. She is so happy all the time and so playful. 

So here is the list of milestones this month.

1. Move herself to any room in the apartment

2. get on all fours and do down dog (Hands and Tip toes)

3. crawl military style 

4. stand up in her crib

5. take anything out of anywhere

6. open drawers and cabinet doors

7. no more tears with the nanny

8. Sit up all by herself

She is also still eating whatever fruits and veggies and drinking from a normal cup. Plus she still sleeps with her parents. She still has no teeth but she has more hair and words. She loves to play and read by herself too.

We celebrated Halloween. The pumpkin patch and petting zoo not such a hoot. But the costumes and crazy decor didn’t bother her a bit. It was all fun memory making. 

And the good news for the month is Abigail is going to have her own room to put her things. We move into our new house this week! Yep the Uzcategui Family is moving to Valhalla St. 


El mes numero 10 fue un mes de logros! Las cosas que puede hacer ahora WOW..mejor dicho las cosas que no puede hacer ahora. :) Solo le hace falta aprender a pararse sola y caminar. 

La lista de logros de este mes

1. rodar a cada rincon del apartamento

2. ponerse de rodilla y dedos de los pies

3. gatear estilo militar

4. pararse sola en la cuna

5. sacar cualquier cosa de cualquier lugar que puede

6. abrir gavetas

7. Ya no llora con la niñera

8. sentarse sola 

Ademas sigue comiendo cualquier fruta y verdura, tomando de vaso normal y durmiendo en la cama de sus papas. No tiene dientes todavia. Pero si tiene mas palabras. Le encanta leer sola y jugar.

La buena noticia es que Abigail va a tener su proprio cuarto para guardar sus cosas. Vamos a mudarnos de casa esta semana. Asi es la familia Uzcategui va a vivir en la calle Valhalla. 

9 months, 21.2 pounds and 29.5 inches

No teeth, no crawling, not able to stand alone. Doesn’t want to eat with a spoon, won’t. drink from a bottle or sippy cup and doesn’t want to sleep all night in her own bed. 

But she can explore all if the house, rolling and pushing, she eat pieces of fruit and veggies, drinks from a regular cup and sleeps 10-12 hours a night and walks with help from others. 

She loves to talk and sing. She has four signs to communicate. She can say Hola (we have it on video) She has a shining smiles and a crazy laugh. 

The Doctor confirmed that everything is perfect and she is healthy. Abigail will do things when and how she wants. Her teether will come when and how they want. We get to just keep enjoying her and watching out because even on the floor she will grab everything and will get anywhere.



9 meses, 21.2 libras y 29.5 pulgadas.

No tiene dientes, no puede gatear, no puede pararse sola. No quiere comer con una cuchara, no quiere tomar de tetero ni sippy cup y no quiere dormir en su cuna durante la noche. HMMMM

Pero si anda explorando todo de la casa, dando vueltas y empujandose, si come pedazos de fruta y verduras, toma de un vaso normal y si dueme 10-12 horas cada noche y si se para y camina con ayuda de otros. 

Le encanta hablar y cantar. Tiene 4 senales con las manos para comunicarse. Puede decir Hola (lo tenemos en video) Tiene una sonrisa billante, y se rie como una loca! 

El Doctor confirmo que todo esta perfecto y saludable. No hay nigun razon de pensar diferente. La nina habra las cosas como y cuando quiere. Tambien los dientes vienen como y cuando quieren. Por el momento solo hay que disfrutar y ten cuidado porque aunque esta en el piso no significa que no aggarra y anda por donde quiera. 

Un beso!! 

8 months Wow! Time is flying by. We have enjoyed every moment together. Abigail is growing so so fast. She now weighs over 21 pounds and is very long. She is also wearing 12-18 months clothes. Oh MY! Her  fee are so thick that we have to put her in size 4 shoes. She is such a well behaved girl. She really doesn’t ever cry. She is just a happy smily little one with a great laugh. She loves to be upright walking around versus on her belly trying to move around. She does have the back scoot and roll down to a tee and will not stop until she is ready to sleep. She loves to empty her toy basket one toy at a time until its empty. But she’d rather have what mom and dad have. Keys, remote, cell phone, coffee cup ext. She now has her own keys, remote, sippy cup ext. :)

The beauty has decided that she’d rather sleep in our bed and nurse all night than to sleep in her nice big crib. So we made our bigger by putting blankets and pillows into the open spaces between the bed and wall. Oh the pretty lil queen! 

8 Months oh such a joy! We love everything about her, every minute, every milestone, and especially every smile and laugh. 


8 meses WOW! El tiempo va volando. Hemos disfrutado cada momento juntos. Abigail esta creciendo rapido. Pesa mas que 21 libras y esta muy larga. Ahora usa ropa de 12-18 meses. Sus pies son tan gordos que usa talla 4 para los zapatos. Muy bella que es y tiene un caracter tan bella tambien. Hasta ahora casi no llora, se rie y sonrie muchisimo. Le encanta jugar sola sacando sus jugetes de la canasta en el piso. Mira la gente al rededor con much interes. Quiere estar parada tratando de caminar en vez de gatear. Por supuesto quiere tener todo lo que tiene su mama y papa ej control, llaves, celular, cafe, laptop. Entonces ella tiene sus propios llaves, un sippy cup, un control sin pilas :), ect.

Nuesta linda bebe todavia come durante la noche, en veces parece que come mas en la noche que en el dia. Pero no nos importa porque hemos hecho la cama mas grande para que ella tenga su propio lugar y mama y papa durmiendo a los lados de la cama en almohadas y cobijas. JA JA Linda Reina! 

Pues 8 meses es increible, y ella es increible. Nos da gusto cada momento de su vida, cada paso de su desarollo, y cada sonrisa que nos enseña. 

Disfruten las fotos! 

What a month of firsts it has been! 

First visit to Oahu & Molokai Hawaii

First swim in pool, ocean and lake

First long time sitting by self

First food tasting

First swing 

First hike

The results are..Abigail loves the pool, not the ocean or lake. She isn’t ready for food…as she fake chokes when the spoon is in front of her. She enjoys the swing. Hiking piece of cake…she’ll enjoy the sights and then take a nap.

7 months of nothing but milk…This lil munchkin is starting to pack on the meat and oh so cute she is!  

Off the charts and celebrating a half birthday!!! 

Making it 6 months on the 11 of July, this little one is spectacular! Abigail weighed in at 17lbs 12oz and a chart breaking 28 inches. No wonder she isn’t sleeping through the night! The doctor confirmed that she is doing great and doesn’t need to see us again until 9 months.

This big girl is just so much fun! Laughing on her own, sitting up right for seconds at a time, rolling like its an old trick and playing with everything for long periods of time. Standing upright too!  Happy Happy Abigail even has a tooth starting to reach the top of the gum line. 

We took a Washington tour to visit the family and play with the cousins at the beach. Now we will head to Hawaii to visit Aba and really have some beach fun in the sun! Mom and Dad really can’t wait!

Month five has successfully arrived. No cuts, scraps, bruises or accidents to note. Phew, parenting is hard work! 

There is much to state as accomplishments for this month. Abigail can now roll over from back to belly and is trying to go back again. She can scoot around the house on her back, play alone for long stretches, loves to stand and sit up, and the off limits TV is still her favorite attraction apart from the art work in the house. She’ll do anything to see the screen even when nothing is on.

The ear piercing was not as traumatic for her as for mom, but overall it could be compared to getting regular shots. The gold balls are adorable! Next step a tattoo. :) 

Abigail has also brilliantly forbid any bottle or plastic for that matter from entering her mouth. She is now either fed by mom or not at all. Where she gets the fight in her, only the grandparents can know. After starving herself for hours we decided to give that one a break for a while. Obviously, mommy isn’t going to be doing much work away from baby for the summer. 

Last important accomplishment to mention is the fact that this lil one, is rather huge! Now using 6-9 months clothes, size 3 shoes and weighing a back breaking 16.5 lbs or so, we are sure to be into 12 mo just before fall. Again thats 100% pura leche! (All milk)

Hawaii is booked and we will celebrate Abigail’s 1/2 birthday in Hawaii with Aba in July.  Can’t wait to expose the pool, ocean, sand and more to this lil one. 

XOXOXO baby drool and more!

Oh what a month it has been. Abigail celebrated 4 months on the 11th and then celebrated Mother’s day weekend with lots of family. The doctor measured and weighed her in at 15.9 lbs and 25.5inches both in the 95% for height and weight.. Pura leche we say here at home. 

The little munch-kin just continues to bless this house each day with all her joy, laughter and chatter. Beginning to roll from side to side, it shouldn’t be much longer before she figures out how to roll completely over. Abigail just can’t be left alone anymore, unless she is tied down or on the floor. She is building up her independence and can play alone sometimes up to 30 minutes. 

Dreaming of her own room, Mommy and Daddy have begun house hunting, hopefully the condo will go quickly and we can start the move to a house with a yard for this lil munch-kin to play in. 

This weeks adventure will be a trip to get her ears pierced. With shots all current Abigail is in for momentary pain and life long beauty. Thank goodness her only memory of this will be reading this blog in the future. 

All smiles and giggles in the U household. Lots of love and drool from Abigail and her parentals